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PSY 375 Week 3 DQ 1




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 
 !"
Week Three DQ # 1
Due Week Three Day 2
What characteristics are associated with adolescent development? How have adolescents
changed over the last 30 years? How have they remained the same?
Adolescent development is characterized by a variety of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial,
and behavioral changes. On a physical level, adolescents go through many monumental
changes, referred to as puberty. Throughout puberty the adolescent will begin to develop their
secondary sexual characteristics. Puberty is a time of hormonal changes for adolescents as well,
which means that they may become more aware of their sexuality. For girls, this means breast
growth and menstruation. Boys will notice a number of changes as well, including a change or
deepening in voice and penile growth (National Library of Medicine, 2009). On a behavioral
level, adolescents will become more self-conscious as they go through the changes of puberty.
Adolescents also tend to separate themselves with their parents in search of their own identity,
which is referred to as egocentrism (Berger, 2008). Teenagers often engage in risky behaviors
during the adolescent years as well.
I believe that over the past 30 years children have progressively started adolescent development
at a younger age. It seems as though young teens are quite a bit more sexually active, which may
attribute to the early onset of puberty and adolescent characteristics of development. The overall
characteristics have remained the same, but the point or age at which adolescent development
begins seems to have changed somewhat over time.
Berger, K. S. (2008). The developing person through the life span (7th ed.). New York: Worth
National Library of Medicine. (2009). Adolescent development. Retrieved January 20, 2011 from

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