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B Class: Grade 10 Duration: 50minutes Score: /10 's and sincere feelings for her grown up son after en answer the questions that follow. on s the continuity which is achieved through our of them share in the formation of a new generation. o work and be breadwinners, but this doesn't mean heless, the family members' sacrifice and devotion rough, a period of confusion. But if we don't have calamitous ,harmful fate. So, don't think that my ing next to you, all ears to what you have to say. their children, to liberate them from ignorance and daily problems, and to offer advice on deep and well as desperate. . My presence will never cease to exist until death ger now and as a loving and devoted mother, I will it it or not, you will always be my child, my own › worldly power can interfere between us. I have others in this world, I am not just a mom. I wear an. Yet, I am your mom in the first place before rt into my family. My love for you will never stop or worried to keep us close to each other. I wish you success and achievement. When I stay cause my instinct tells me that I need my other that I appreciate. But if my words to you do not urn deaf ears. Having borne a child with a cold- her life and soul for his sake. Is it too much for a her children? it in fact, you are the one misjudging his parents. nager? Are you asking me to withdraw from your mother? ...
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Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.