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Assignment 2 Evaluation of a Weight Loss Program




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Assignment 2 Evaluation of a Weight
Loss Program
Evaluation of a Weight Loss Program
Many Americans believe that they are overweight, from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds.
Because of this, weight loss systems are big business. For this assignment you are to select
weight loss system and evaluate it in terms of the information about the physiology of ingestive
behavior covered this week.
Find a Web site/brochure/popular article/advertising about weight control that proposes a
mechanism for loss of excess weight.
Document the key proposals in terms of the main claims for success for the program (for
example: restriction of fat, small portions).
Describe the reasons provided for the effectiveness of the program (for example: A full
stomach reduces hunger, etc.).
Discuss the physiological components involved in the weight loss program. Clearly
express an understanding of the physiology of the process of hunger, satiation, eating, and
drinking as relevant for the weight loss method being described (for example: Long periods
between meals would be likely to reduce blood sugar levels).
Present a critique of the materials based on the module information on eating and weight
Evaluate the proposal and suggest whether you would try this weight loss system or
recommend it to someone else. Explain why or why not.

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Weight loss is a topic that has become more prevalent over the past ten
years. Many healthcare professionals agree that it is important to
maintain a proper weight and maintain an active lifestyle. Some people
find a balance of diet and exercise to help maintain a weight that allows
them to remain healthy and active. However, many people find it
increasingly difficult to keep their weight under control. When individuals
are faced with an event in their life that they need to lose weight, it can
often be difficult to find a program that works to accomplish this goal.
Many people also have difficulty remaining attentive to their diet and
exercise plan.
Being overweight and being obese is a major problem within the United
States of America. Overweight and obesity is defined by the Center for
Disease Control and Prevention as “An adult who has a BMI between 25
and 29.9 is considered overweight, while an adult who has a BMI of 30
or higher is considered obese” (2014a). CDC Growth Charts are used to
determine the corresponding BMI-for-age and sex percentile for children
and adolescents ages two to nineteen years old. Based on these charts,
overweight is defined as a BMI at or above the 85th percentile and lower
than the 95th percentile for children of the same age and sex, while
Obesity is defined as a BMI at or above the 95th percentile for children
of the same age and sex (CDC, 2014b).
Obesity rates are rising every year around the globe. However, these
rates increase more rapidly in the United States than most other
countries. Currently, thirty-four percent of males, and thirty-seven
percent of females ages twenty to seventy-four are considered obese
(Heart Association, 2013). Additionally, about thirty-six percent of school
age children are also obese. These statistics are compared to statistics
from the year nineteen eighty-eight. In nineteen eighty-eight, about
fourteen percent of males and seventeen percent of females age twenty
to seventy-four years old were considered to be obese. In comparison,
in nineteen eighty-eight, only about twenty-two percent of school age
children were considered obese (Heart Association, 2013). It is
necessary to investigate new methods to assist people in the process of
losing and maintaining their weight.
One resource that is becoming more recognized is hypnosis. Hypnosis is
a process that essentially connects the conscious mind to the
subconscious mind. There are a variety of different ways to help facilitate
this communication, the most common example being spoken words and

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use of relaxation techniques (Hypnosis… pt. 1, 2013). Hypnosis is
currently used to help people work through many different problems,
including smoking cessation, weight loss, and fear and anxiety
management. While these three topics have very different causative
factors, hypnosis uses relaxation and tranquility to help people work
through these problems (Hypnosis… pt. 2, 2013).
Katherine Zeratsky (2014) is a Registered Dietician for the Mayo Clinic,
stated that “Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption and concentration,
like being in a trance. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a
hypnotherapist using verbal repetition and mental images. When you're
under hypnosis, your attention is highly focused, and you're more
responsive to suggestions, including behavior changes that can help you
lose weight”.
Paul McKenna, PhD is an expert in the field of hypnosis for weight loss.
McKenna describes the human brain as being similar to a computer. A
computer stores information and completes tasks based on what the
computer has learned. This is very similar to what the human brain does.
The human brain is trained to do many different things, one of these
being to crave food. Craving and eating habits are a learned behavior
and therefore we can reprogram our minds to eat less, control cravings,
and feel better about ourselves (Hypnosis… pt.1, 2013).
However, it is known that hypnosis cannot solely solve a person’s weight
loss problem. Hypnosis can help with weight loss when combined with
diet and exercise. The amount of extra weight lost will vary from
individual to individual (Zeratsky, 2014). After all, the desire to change
must come from within.
Problem Statement:
There has been an increased attention to diet and exercise program
over the past ten years. There has also been a great emphasis placed
on the health risks of being overweight or obese. Despite all of this
information being presented in society, obesity is still a current problem.

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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.