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Assignment 2 Lasa 1 You Work For Centervale Apparel a Large Clothing Manufacturing Firm




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Assignment 2 Lending Institutions, Health Care, and
Human Capital
Research Background of the Paper
Today’s overall business scenario is considered more
challenging and competitive due to rapid changes in the economy.
This research paper will be more beneficial, valuable and
comprehensive because it deals with different objectives that are
associated with this research paper. For example, this research paper
will develop a clear understanding in the mind of reader and
researcher about the significant role and function of international
lending organizations such as World Bank and the IMF.
On the other hand, this research paper will also represent
specific and innovative substantive ways in which a healthy
population strengthens the economy of the country. Finally, this
research paper will also discuss about the degree to which the
leadership of your chosen country has used foreign aid to improve its
health care system. Moreover, in the context of this research paper,
USA is selected.

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Role of International Lending Institutions
International lending institutions such as IMF and World Bank
perform a lot of significant role in the economic, political, social
development by providing monetary assistance and other support. In
addition to this, these organizations are also providing necessary
support to the India for the overall development. For example, there
are various facilities that are provided by the international lending
institution to USA. The IMF is providing temporary balance of
payments financing facilities to India in order correct their external
payments difficulties in an effective and proper manner (Chen, 2003).
On the other hand, it should also be noted down that, in order to
bring the economic reform and transformation, the international
lending institutions are also helping this nation in the re-establishment
of market economies in the USA. At the same time, during the
financial recession in the USA, a lot of financial and other facilities
are also provided by this lending organization for the re-establishment
of the market. On the basis of this, it can be said, that, international
lending organizations plays a lot of significant roles in the economic,
social and political development. In contrast, these lending

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institutions are also hindering the social, economic, or political
development of the USA. For example, the financial assistance given
by these institutions are creating the issues of debt burdens continue
to hinder their economic and social developments (Perkins, 2004).
Substantive Ways
Healthy population of a country improve the economy in an
effective and proper manner. It is also more beneficial for the
government because different kinds of healthcare cost would be
decreased and revenues level of the nation will be maximized in a
more comprehensive manner. Along with this, it is also observed that,
there are various substantive ways that can be used in order to analyse
the healthy population strengthens the economy of the country
(Gstöhl, 2010).
Supportive for Productivity and Production: If the population or
the labour force of the country will be healthier, it will directly
improve their productivity as well as production. For example, they
will only focus on the achievement of their predetermined goals and

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