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Attention Worksheet
Using the text, Cognition: The Thinking Animal, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other
resources, answer the following questions. Your response to each question should be at least 150
words in length.
.1 How do you define the concept of attention?
Willingham (2007) explains attention to “mean the mechanism for continued cognitive processing”
(p. 108). One’s attention capacity not only varies between person to person but also under
different conditions and within various times. The manner in which a person uses attention is
restricted because it is responsible for functions in both events that transpire within a person, and
what is going on internal as well. In some instances, the emotional state that a person is
experiencing will influence the amount of attention they give to any particular task. The
consciousness or the working memory is what aids an individual to execute operations within
specific cognitive orders. It seems that an immense amount of processing will take place on the
physical characteristics of one’s exterior stimuli, but that attention mediates the dispensation of
meaning (semantics) and furthers the cognitive description of stimuli’s (awareness).
.2 Can attention be consciously allocated to tasks? Why or why not?
According to Willingham (2007), “attention is limited: continued cognitive processing cannot occur
for all available stimuli simultaneously” (p. 108). Yes and no. An individual can perform a variety of
tasks: but, the more tasks that are needed to be done, the more time-consuming the work.
Leaving a person to remember the sequence of order as to what was originally asked of them. A
person can implicitly allocate attention to a variety tasks, as long as they are able to use diverse
sensory output and input pathways. Cognitive and attention treatments can become automatic, in
so doing, can become evasive to a great deal of one’s conscious direction.
The illustration in the book speaks of walking on a balance beam. The first job seems to be
effortless for most. Yet, as more jobs are given to the individual walking the beam, the more
difficult the task are for the person to complete the duties asked, and all the while maintaining a
steady pace. Essentially, the person has to juggle multi tasks. Simultaneously, the final stage is
asking the person to ‘remember the scents’ that were sprayed and the sequence of order.
Leaving a person muddled with an array of information that then becomes ambiguous.
.3 What is the relationship between attention and cognition?
Attention and cognition work collaboratively together. As we are learning, the operational memory
assist a person to achieve a variety of tasks thus is critical part of one’s cognitive processes.
Working through a variety of memories and the ability to follow through their assigned tasks is
great way to see how memory different tasks can work fluently. Even thought our minds are
always functioning, we often do not grasp that the whole procedure of information that we
process. Attention can be covert and overt, the significant thing to realize is that our brains are
always functioning and taking on various tasks of stimuli’s. The stimuli’s can include what one
visualizes, feels, hears and even touches. When asked to remember any particular sequence, it
might come across muddled because of distractions that otherwise have our focus. With cognition
and sensory data an individual will gather information from the frontal cortex and will be diverse
as information as in interpreted.
Reference: Willingham, D. T. (2007). Cognition the thinking animal (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River,
NJ: Pearson.
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Good job with completing the “Attention Worksheet”. For this
assignment you earned 5 out of 5 points.
Dametrius Byno, Ph. D., GCDF
Faculty - University of Phoenix
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