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Oral And Written Communication

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Oral and Written Communication Student Name Institution Name Date Background  Logistics is the management of how resources are acquired, the storage used, and the means of transportation  It is a term that was used by the military  logistics is an essential element in the creation of revenue  The value of a business is boosted using logistics  Logistics also play a part in increasing company profits  Prospective suppliers are also determined using logistics  The management can pinpoint the improvement areas using logistics Importance of Logistics  Logistics plays an important part in the normal operation of a business  It also contributes to maintaining a positive image of a company  Logistics also generates value for a company (Gudehus & Kotzab, 2012).  The effective management of a supply chain is done using logistics  Logistics has bene evident in Omani based on the high number of companies present (Ahmed, 2013).  Omani has also increased its investment on logistics over the years  The state has also made logistics sector different in the economy Objective and Methodology  The objective of this presentation is to: ✓ Explore how Oman is slowly emerging as a logistics hub ✓ Exploring the contributing factor of logistics development in Omani. ▪ Primary and secondary sources were used in this survey ▪ The methodology used is online questionnaires ▪ Questionnaires were administered at Omani Integrated Logistic ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.


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