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Mgt 701 Final Project Change Management Plan Final

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Southern New Hampshire University
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MGT 701 Final Project Change Management Plan Student’s Name Date of Submission Table of Context – Slide 1: Cover Slide – Slide 2: Table of Contents – Slide 3: Purpose of the change management plan – Slide 4: Change management Plan member structure – Slide 5: Issues Addressed – Slide 6: Outcomes to be Resolved – Slides 7-14: Possible Outcomes – Slide 15: References The Purpose of the Change Management Plan ❖ The purpose of the change management plan resolves around the following reasons: ✓ The emergence of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in December 2019 that led to the closure of many restaurants globally. ✓ To maintain profitability, efficiency and effectiveness ✓ To allow the company to conduct an assessment on the impact of the change Define the Change Management Plan Member Structure – The change management plan will consists of several members that will play a vital role in the implementation of the change process. – They include; ▪ Key Stakeholders ▪ Senior executives ▪ Project team Lists the Issues to Address ❖ The issues to be addressed in this case involve the following; o Reasons for change and Change processes o Resistance to change o Communicating the need for change within the organization o Capital/Resources o Possible barriers to the change List the Outcomes to be Resolved ❖ The outcomes to be resolved in this case involves the following; o Rejection o Tolerance o Acceptance o Disbelief o Adaptation Shock ...
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