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PSY 270 Final- Psychological Disorder Analysis.




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P s y c h o l o g i c a l D i s o r d e r A n a l y s i s | 1
 
 !"
Psychological Disorder Analysis
Axia College
PSY 270
December 11, 2009

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P s y c h o l o g i c a l D i s o r d e r A n a l y s i s | 2
Psychological Disorder Analysis
Marla Hernandez, a 42-year-old Hispanic female, has come to the mental health clinic
regarding symptoms that have begun to affect her quality of life. My initial meeting with Marla
uncovered the following symptoms: difficulty sleeping, feeling jumpy, and trouble
concentrating. Her symptoms have also begun to interfere with her daily functioning,
particularly in her work atmosphere. To allow for proper diagnosis Marla participated in a
clinical interview which uncovered various underlying causal factors.
Clinical Interview: Marla Hernandez
“Good afternoon Marla. Today you will be participating in a clinical interview. I will be
asking you various questions which will help me determine the cause of your symptoms. It’s
important that I get as much information as possible, so try to be as detailed as you can.”
“Okay, I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.”
“Great. Let’s get started. What made you decide to come to the mental health clinic?”
“Well the main reason that I have come to you is because of the symptoms that I have
been experiencing. I can’t seem to get a good night sleep and I have been having a lot of trouble
concentrating at work. I have also been feeling really jumpy all the time, which is really

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P s y c h o l o g i c a l D i s o r d e r A n a l y s i s | 3
uncomfortable. I’m sick of living with these symptoms, and I just want to get back to my normal
“When you say that you are jumpy all of the time, what do you mean by that? How long
have you been experiencing these symptoms? Do you happen to have any physical symptoms
such as headaches, stomach aches, or anything of that nature?”
“When I’m ‘jumpy’ I just feel like I can’t sit still…I’m very restless and irritable. The
symptoms have been bothering me for quite some time now. I would say that it has been a little
over four years. At first I thought that the symptoms would go away over time, but as time has
progressed I have started to feel really hopeless. I just can’t seem to be normal like everyone
else. I get migraines quite often, usually while I’m at work, which tends to make matters worse.
Since I’ve been having sleeping problems I tend to get really tired throughout the day, which is
really frustrating. Other than that I don’t really have any recurring physical symptoms.”
“Have there been any significant traumatic events within the past four to five years of
your life?”
“I have not had any traumatic events occur in the past four years. I would say that the
most traumatic thing is the onset of these awful symptoms. I just can’t seem to shake them no
matter how hard I try.”
“Is there a family history of any of the symptoms that you are experiencing?”
“There are none that I know of. I guess I never took the time to find out. My mother and
father never talked much about their relatives.”
“Can you tell me a little about your childhood and adolescence?”

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