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Psy 270 Week 7 DQs




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 
 !"
PSY 270 Week 7
DQ 1
Children are similar to adults in that they experience typical anxiety disorders like phobias,
generalized anxiety, and OCD. Unlike adults children may also experience something called
separation anxiety disorder, which is brought upon when a child is separated from their parents
or their home (Comer, 2005). Much like adult anxiety disorders there are several key viewpoints
that help explain the disorder among children as well, which include: biological, behavioral, and
cognitive. Children are different from adults in many ways, so anxiety can have different affects
and causes within children. Children rely heavily on their parents for guidance and support and
they have not experienced as much as a typical adult. These factors play a large role in the
difference between childhood anxiety and adult anxiety.
Childhood depression seems to have many similar causes as adult depression (loss, rejection, or
abuse). Children often experience symptoms like stomach aches, headaches, or irritability.
Although antidepressants seem to be effective on adolescents and adults they do not seem to be
as beneficial to children suffering from depression (Comer, 2005).
Comer, R. J. (2005). Fundamentals of abnormal psychology (4th ed.). New York: Worth.
DQ 2
Disruptive behavior disorder is basically a child’s way of acting out in either violent or disruptive
ways. A child with ADHD may experience difficulty paying attention or they might act
impulsively. Children with disruptive behavior disorder can sometimes act out in more violent
ways than children with ADHD. Both disruptive disorder and ADHD have similar causal factors
mainly traced to the parent child relationship or childhood traumas. Both disruptive behavior
disorder and ADHD can affect a classroom in a negative way. Children who have either disorder
may make it difficult for the other children in the class to concentrate. The children themselves
will find it hard to focus and complete assignments and they may struggle throughout their
school years. When I was a senior in high school I was a kindergarten teachers aide and we had
a young boy in the class who had ADHD. I had to sit next to him and help him with his work

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and keep him focused on the task at hand. I found that he was easily distracted and would lose
track of what he was doing if I did not keep reminding him. He was a extremely nice young boy
and was very friendly, but he did experience some difficulty completing his assignments.

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