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Psy 270 week 1 checkPoint Critical THinking and Sexual Decision Making




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People use critical thinking as a method in determining whether
arguments are valid and logical. One will also weigh the premises
and consider any evidence before making any decisions. One may
have a high level of skepticism when making a sexual decision. One
example would be whether to take birth control verses unprotected
sex which can lead to pregnancy.
Examine the assumptions or premises of argument can be a
statement of "you can't get pregnant if a person has on a condom.
Be cautious in drawing conclusions from evidence because some
evidence may be outdated or incomplete. Also, consider the kinds of
evidence upon which conclusions are based. Some evidence may be
based o# of someone else's experiences, what may work for one
may not work for another.
I have had to use critical thinking within my own sex life on
numerous occasions. One instance was when I made the choice of
taking birth control. I had tried to convince my husband to get a
vasectomy due to the fact that we decided not to have any more
children. My husband &nally agreed but could not get in to have it
done for three months due to scheduling at work. My husband still
wanted to have sex but I did not because I was afraid I would get
pregnant. My husband tried to convince me that he read that by
withdrawal before ejaculation will result in not getting pregnant.
After that I did a little research myself to &nd out that it was not
true and then made an appointment with my doctor. After receiving
information, I decided to choose birth control pills to try to help
prevent pregnancy. By using critical thinking I made a decision that
bene&ted us in the end.

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