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Psy 265 week 4 CheckPoint Styles of Love




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Scenario 1
Two friends have known each other most of their childhood. When
they are younger, they have a friendship based o of similar
interests and likes. Being together so much they form a very close
bond and are together all the time. As they mature into adults, they
realize that their friendship has grown to liking. Their liking turns
into love and grow even more fond of each other. By this time, they
not only are the best of friends but their close bond and mutual
respect is now love and are stronger than ever. By having this
friendship, it has allowed them to feel that they have a
committment towards one another and feel ful#lled.
Scenario 2
Logical Love
This scenario of logical love is trying to #nd a partner that will
address the needs of the other person. For instance, a man is trying
to #nd a mate that has similar goals and interests that he has. One
may try to #nd a lover that wants to have a career, family, and
relationship. He may want #nd someone that wants to start a family
and return to work as well as remaining focused on their
relationship. He is trying to seek out a partner that has the same
long term goals as he. This takes place to ensure that the goals that
he has set for himself are met.
How are these two styles of love similar?
These two styles are similar because both have to grow from
something. Having a friendship that turns into love takes having
similar interests and goals as does logical love. One is seeking out
something that has to develop with time.
How are these two styles dierent?
These are dierent because the friendship already exists with similar
interests and goals when the logical love is trying to #nd that special
person that has the same long term goals.

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