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Psy 265 week 4 DQ 2




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Discussion Question #2:
Due Date: 8/27/09 to Main Forum
Post your response to this question:
What are three components of attractiveness? (Use terminology/info
from text)
Which of the three is most important to you?
Why did you choose this factor?
♦Consider, as you respond to your classmates’ posts, how their responses
have had an e$ect on your views about attractiveness.
3 components of attractiveness:
Proximity; Being physically close in area. Finding love from a distance makes a
person much less attractive and a relationship harder to make work. You tend to
meet those who are close is area to you and spend more time with those people.
Similarity; Having a common societal background makes another person attractive.
Being from di$erent cultures and society can make a relationship very di0cult and
thus make a person much less attractive. Having a common ground on which to
start a relationship makes one seem attractive.
Reciprocity; Having a mutual exchange of positive conversation and comments
makes a person attractive. When some one is telling you how good looking you are
it tends to make you more attracted.
I think the one thing that is most important to me in attractiveness would be
similarity. If you have nothing in common with another person it would make for a
very di0cult relationship. However if you come from a similar background and have
similar culture you will tend to have things in common and can build a positive
healthy relationship around those thing. This does not mean that some one who
4nds themselves attracted to another with no common societal or cultural back
grounds can't make a relationship work.
Response 2

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What is attractive to me? The personality is a must, the eyes are what I look at first, and body
type is last. The eyes are very important to me in finding a man attractive, but the personality is
the top dog of what I look for. I need a strong minded male to make me want to be with him. I do
not care for men that are the wimpy type. I am a strong personality myself so I need someone
that can stand up to me. I can be a bit over bearing when it comes to my relationships.
I am tried to tone it down but I tend to control all that is around me, some men cannot handle that
kind of control. I think it started when I was a youngster, I didn’t have parents to speak of and I
was the mother in mom’s house. Being a single mother and in rearing children you have to be
strong, especially if you do it alone. So with that said, the eyes are what draw me in, and the way
he talks.
I like a good body, but it is not that important to me, as long as they are taller than me. I think
that men with good eye contact can win me over and when they get my attention, they must keep
my attention with their strong mind. Self assured but yet need to be told you love them, I also
need to be needed in a sense. I love to have a lively sex life, and they must be able to keep up, in
a mental sense. I love to be wanted sexually in a relationship. If not then I have no need to
continue to be ignored.

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