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Psy 265 week 6 DQ 1




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Discussion Question #1:
Conduct a Web search )
'' *
 '"'
 -

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Response 2
Having two friends that have had abortions I have had to experience
the mixed emotions of before and after an abortion. One of my
friends was ok with having an abortion. She knew that she did not
want any children ever and planned on trying to get her tubes tied
after having her procedure. My other friend was very emotional in
her choice on whether or not to have it.
For a while she could not make up her mind and felt very guilty,
ashamed, and embarrassed because she felt she had let everyone
down and most of all because of her religion. She felt she was killing
the gift that God had given her and in the end she would have to
pay the price.
When she (nally had it done, she cried for days. She would not
eat, sleep, or leave her room. The consequence of premarital sex
was to much to bear in her eyes. She felt she was being punished
because of it and the guilt would follow her for the rest of her life.
What she really needed was someone to talk to. After talking to her
mother, we contacted the center where she had her abortion and
set her up for an appointment for post abortion counseling. A few
months of therapy started to help and (nally could come to term
with her choice. A web site that was formed to discuss openly
This site is helpful because it lets others know they are not alone in
the feelings they are having.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.