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Psy 265 week 7 Assignment Sexuality at Different Life Stages




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Anna, an adolescent girl
The adolescent stage is one of the most complex, and confusing time for many adolescent
boys and girls. This important point in a young person’s life brings many changes physically,
emotionally, and sexually. This stage may bring exciting new experiences for some, but others
may find the experiences confusing, and upsetting. These changes will bring feelings that one
has never experiences before and some may find them difficult to handle emotionally.
In the case of Anna, an adolescent girl is in love with her boyfriend of three years. The
boyfriend has been putting pressure on his girlfriend to be sexually active. Even though Anna
may be in love for the first time, she needs to be advised to wait to become sexually active.
Because the boyfriend is three years older he may have already had sex before and may make
him feel experienced. The boyfriend needs to understand that putting pressure on his girlfriend to
have sex is wrong. If the boyfriend had mutual feelings and respect for Anna, he would not feel
he needed to put those sexual pressures on her. Ultimately, the choice remains in Anna’s, hands
and needs to be educated on the subjects of contraception, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted
Anna feels her boyfriend is putting pressure on her to have sex which may indicate that she
may not be ready to have sexual intercourse. If Anna had not stated that, she may believe that she
is ready to move forward with sexual intercourse at this point in her life only because she wanted
to and not because someone pressured her do. Because everyone matures at different rates, Anna
may be ready to have sex both physically, and mentally. Saying that, she may be ready to have
sex as long as she wants too, but not because of peer pressure. Anna may have certain attitudes
due to the feelings that her family holds towards her boyfriend.

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In today’s time, attitudes towards pre-marital are more open, versus time of when Anna’s
parents were adolescents. Sexual behaviors many years ago may have taken on a different
meaning and Anna’s parents’ may have certain beliefs or views about sex. Anna’s parents are just
that, Anna’s parents’, and are just looking out for what is best for their daughter. Anna should not
have negative feelings towards her parents and needs to understand why her parents carry the
views they have. Anna needs to consider that perhaps her parents may carry views towards
premarital sex and realize what negative impact Anna may face if word gets out she is having
sex. At this point, communication is crucial and her parents need to sit her down and explain why
they carry these opinions towards her boyfriend and her having sex. Anna’s parents could get
information for their daughter and the risks and consequences of having sexual intercourse. This
information could be the additional information Anna need to make the correct choice. No matter
what decision Anna makes, her parents need to trust their daughter to make the right choice, and
realize all they can do is be there for their daughter.
Tom and Susan, an elderly couple
Cognitive and physical changes occur in late adulthood. The cognitive changes that occur
diminish the ability to receive and process information as well as memory changes. The physical
changes that occur are wrinkled skin as well as hair changing color and thickness. Stamina
changes begin to diminish as well as one’s ability to react and are often based off of one’s
activity level.
Tom and Susan may be on different levels when it comes to their sexuality. Susan does not
seem as concerned with her sexuality as Tom. Because of age, Susan may have noticed changes
with her body, especially in her vaginal area. Her vagina may have become less lubricated and

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