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Psy 265 week 7 CheckPoint Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior




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There are many sexual behaviors associated with childhood
development. Many behaviors are exhibited at every stage although
most are unique to each stage.
Infancy (0-2 years old)
Sensations of pleasure may occur due to stimulation of the genitals.
Sexual pleasure of both sexes may occur by sucking things such as
$ngers, paci$ers, nipples, and anything else that can $t into mouth.
Masturbation often starts between 6- 12 months or when hands are
more coordinated. Orgasm may occur but lacks ejaculation in boys.
Pelvic thrusting happens around 8- 10 months. Erection can begin in
utero and vaginal lubrication and genital swelling have been
reported in girls.
Early Childhood (3-8 years old)
Sexual behaviors exhibited at these ages are showing of body to
each other. Many play games such as "show" and playing "doctor".
Many may touch and show each other the genitals or masturbate
together. Masturbation occurs more frequently among themselves.
Preadolescence (9-13 years old)
Begins forming relationships with same sex socializing in sex-
segregated groups. May develop self-conscious about their body
while dealing with peer pressure. Sexual tendencies may be "latent"
during this stage even though some are sexually active.
Masturbation is usually means of orgasm in both sexes and have
mutual display of genitals with or without fondling. Same sex
exploration may occur with touching of the genitals or mutual
Adolescence (13-19 years old)
Puberty usually begins with secondary sex characteristics such as
pubic hair. Puberty also includes primary sex characteristics but
most occur within 3 years for girls and 4 years for boys.
Reproduction is possible at the end of puberty. Breasts usually
develop between 8- 14 years old. Boys age 13-14 experience
erections frequently and may experience $rst ejaculation. Exhibited
behaviors associated by age are wet dreams, masturbation, sex,
petting and oral sex.

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