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Lab Report

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Middle Tennessee State University
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Martin Cole Chemistry 6231 Lab Report 1 MTSU 3/18/2013 The purpose is to synthetize 9,10dihydroanthracene-9,10-α,β-succinic anhydride from Anthracene and Maleic anhydride and calculating its purity. 2  Reaction with mechanism Xylene solvent Heat Anthracene Maleic anhydride 9,10-dihydroanthracene9,10-α,β-succinic anhydride 3  Table of reactant and product: Molecular weight (g/mol) Name and structure of compoun d used Same as above for as many as applicabl e Last space used for product Amount actually used in g, mg, or mL (must specify) mol or nmol used for main reactants Anthracene 0.233 g 1.3 mmol Maleic anhydride 0.122 g 1.24 mmol 9,10dihydroant hracene9,10-α,βsuccinic anhydride 0.211 g 0.7 mmol 4        In 250 ml of RBF, add 0.122 g (1.24 mmol)of maleic anhydride to 100 mL of Xylene. Add 0.233 g (1.3 mmol) of Anthracene. Heat the mixture at temperature range 201°C- 230°C under reflux for 30 minutes After heating, cool the mixture to room temperature and then to 6 °C. Filter off the crystals. Recrystallize the product from xylene and dry the crystals. Weight the crystal obtained 5 The weight of dried crystals obtained is 0.211 g (0.76 mmol). Purity= ntheoretical amount /namount obtained x 100 = 0.76/1.24 x 100 Conclusion: The amount of the synthetize 9,10dihydroanthracene-9,10-α,β-succinic anhydride represents 61% of the theoretical amount. 6 Name: Lab Report Description: The purpose is to syntheti ...
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