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Psy 265 week 8 DQ 1




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 !"#$

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The biological perspective is discussed about the hormones in ones body and how it relates to
those who have paraphilia and those that do not. Paraphilia normally occurs in men and the
main focus is on their testosterone levels in the bloodstream. Paraphiliac's have a higher sex
drive then normal. A normal person's sex stimuli is on the right side of the brain, where a
paraphiliac is on the left frontal side of the brain. More studies are in place where scientists will
be able to actually determine how this comes about and what kinds of treatment paraphilia's
need. Some paraphiliac's take medications to control the over loads of testosterone in their
: 
 !"#$
The psychoanalytical perspective is a dicult one to consider given the theory's
involved are all open to individual interpretation.
The psychoanalytical perspective theory suggests that paraphiliac behavior begins
with unresolved issues regarding castration and possible other areas as well.
Paraphilias use objects or ideas so assure themselves that their penis is still ok.
Treatment of the paraphiliac behavior with the psychoanalytical theory includes
creating an environment where the clients must take responsibility for their actions
regardless of how dicult they are to control. The psychoanalytical theory of
treatment would bring to light the conicts that the client is unaware of stemming
from childhood so they can be dealt with in an adult manor. Discussions of inward
feelings towards ones own sexual anatomy can be useful with this treatment.
Most paraphilias do not seek out treatment making it dicult to successfully treat

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them. The pleasure gained from the paraphilia is greater than the desire to seek
treatment. Most paraphilias do not see there activities as being harmful to anyone
or themselves and so do not feel they need treatment.
It is the goal of the therapist to help the client #rst. It is also the goal of the
therapist in some situations to protect the greater good and simply keep the client
under control such as in a prison setting.
"Psychoanalytic theory suggests that paraphilias are psychological defenses". It is mentioned to
be associated with the Oedipus complex. It is an open interpretation though to the theory and it
tries to explains why people have paraphilias. It results and suggests that behavior results with
the fear of castration. The treatment for psychoanalytic perspectives is focusing on resolving the
"unconscious conflicts that are believed to originate in childhood." The aim to the treatment is to
bring it into conscious awareness for the patient. All this though is experimental analysis and
results have not been confirmed by any specific treatment.
 ;<
/ ="7">
 !"#$

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