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psy 265 week 9 Final Project Personal Response on Sexual Identity




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Personal Response on Sexual
Final Project: Psy 265
Axia College of the University of Phoenix

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Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to sexuality. How does a person define
sexuality within their own lives? Within this thesis we will discuss how the author related value
systems and critical thinking to sexual decision-making before and after this course as well as the
effect of environment and historical perspectives towards my sexuality. The development of my
gender identity will be discussed and analyzing the effect of attraction and love within my
relationships. We will also be discussing the role of the senses in sexual arousal, how it has been
useful to me, and how it relates to my life.
How do people relate value systems and critical thinking to their sexual decision-making?
This course has taught me many new things including a refresher for the things that I already
knew but had forgotten. When it comes to sexual identity, I was raised in a home that had a
strong spiritual background, and was taught to guard my virtue at all times. Values were taught
throughout my youth, and I was taught a wide variety of things such as premarital sex,
pregnancy, and contraception.
Even though I still carry views taught by family, I can also relate to ethical relativism the
most out of all the value systems. I can relate because I do not believe that everyone is the same
or share the same beliefs of others regarding to sex. I believe that just because I believe it does
not mean the next person will. I do not expect anyone else to carry my views nor do I push my
opinions off on others.
My parents wanted me to know that according to the Bible, sex before marriage was not
allowed. They entrusted me to make the right choice but if I chose to engage in sexual
intercourse wanted me to be prepared with the correct information. My parents also taught me

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about how to use critical thinking when it came to a sexual situation. I have used those skills
taught even though I am in a committed relationship.
Because I was married young I was under the impression that I would never use those skills
again and would never have to worry about my sexual identity. Since taking this course, it has
taught me that people do change even if they are married as well as their needs. When my
husband and I experience difficult times, it would be easy to seek comfort elsewhere. Using the
skills and information I have learned since starting this course has given me techniques to make
it through those difficult times, and how to use critical thinking to be objective.
Next we will discuss the effect of environment and historical perspectives on my sexuality.
Religion has contributed to my historical perspective. Being raised as a Christian has given me
certain perspectives towards sexuality. Even thought I do not believe everyone has different
views, I do not believe in having sex before marriage, cohabitation, homosexuals, or having
children out of wedlock. Having these perspectives have helped to shape my own sexual identity.
The environment around us plays a major part on everyone’s sexuality. Media and
entertainment portrays what a person should perceive as correct. The company a person keeps
also plays a part as to how one perceives their sexuality. As a direct result, some may believe
certain sexual attitudes, or experiences are correct instead of making one’s own personal choices
based off one’s own personal belief system. These beliefs may also play a part in how one
perceives their own sexual orientation.
Gender identity is assigned before birth. Hormonal error during the development stage can
hinder a person’s gender identity. Being secure with my female identification comes not only

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