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Physiology 3 Dr. Christina von der Ohe Office: SC-261 Phone: (310) 434-4662 Email: Objectives of Lecture 1 To understand basic concepts in physiology: • Scientific method • Homeostasis • Feedback Reading: Fox Chapter 1 Physiology History Physiology: Greek “physis” (nature origin) and “logica” (study) The study of functions of living organisms Aristotle, 300BC: speculated on function Galen, 200AD: experimented on body function William Harvey, 1600: circulatory system Walter Cannon, 1900: homeostasis Scientific method Observational Study Controlled Experiment The scientific method: a process used to design and perform experiments that minimizes experimental errors and bias Scientific method Observational study: Form hypothesis (a tentative, testable, and falsifiable explanation for an observed phenomenon in nature): Regular exercise lowers resting heart rate You collect information about people who exercise, find that those that exercise have lower resting heart rate (a “correlation”). • Exercise lowers resting heart rate? • Low resting heart rate makes you want to exercise? • Or is there another confounding factor? (ie. smoking?) Correlation ≠ Causation To determine causation need controlled experiment… Scientific method Controlled experiment: • Form hypothesis: Regular exercise lowers resting heart rate • Treatment group: individuals subjected to test condition Randomly choose a group who must exerc ...
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