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Anatomy test answer key unit 1 mcqb part 1

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Dr. Fickbohm Anatomy 1 Unit 1 MCQB, Part 1 General Exam Information: Exams 1-3 will each have 70 multiple choice (MC) questions. They will have 30 short answer questions based on figures from Tortora (a list of possible figures will be released prior to each exam) 40 of the MC questions of the Exam will be similar to the MC questions of the Multiple Choice Question Bank (MCQB) for that Unit (usually released in multiple parts!). 30 of the MC questions will be similar to the MC questions in the Tortora Chapter Assessments (in Canvas) Required Format for REVIEW of Your Answers to the MCQB: Use proper etiquette in all e-mails. Use your student SMC e-mail account For your MCQB answers to be valid for review, you must include all of the following in each e-mail; 1. a greeting & salutation (e.g., Dear Dr. Fickbohm), 2. a request that I review your answers (e.g., would you please review my answers), 3. a thank you, 4. a closing (e.g., Sincerely), and 5. a signature (Your Name & section #) These must all be included in the body of your e-mail message! It’s a good idea to identify each e-mail with a unique identifying Subject line, such as “Unit 1 MCQB #1”. Limit your answers to no more than 15 per e-mail, one answer per line. o No blank lines between answer lines. Submit in single spaced format. o You may send a maximum of 6 MCQB review e-mails per day! You may submit new choices if your initial choices were not the best. Use this answer format: Question #, letter of best ...
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