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Statement of Purpose and Objectives




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Statement of Purpose and Objectives
Statement of Purpose and Objectives
Picking shells on a nearby shore as an eleven-year-old young teenager one delightful
summer evening, I saw a swarm of individuals assembling in a distance away. When I figured
out how to crush inside the swarm, I saw two suffocated young men lying on the shore, who
were rescued from the ocean. A Physician in a close-by coastline health center was called to
rescue them. She came and utilized first aid measures to one of the young men and asked a
youthful man, an on-looker in the swarm, to take after what she was doing to spare the other kid.
While the professionally-prepared physician saved the boy with her proficiency, the inexpert
youthful man didn’t know how to progress. When the physician assumed control, the other kid
was already dead. That was my first encounter of seeing how good medicinal therapy could
marvelously save an individual's life out of an approaching risk and this encounter was
characterizing. I resolved to turn into a “messenger in white" who could be prepared to help in

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the physical welfare of the individuals. This resolve incited me, after I finished my high school,
to seize the first prospect to understand my desire - training in a medical field in a good
I am making an application for Masters degree in health administration focusing on
epidemiology since i need to attain higher training in arranging, executing and assessing public
health involvement programs so that I can work more adequately in the public wellbeing sector
in my nation, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a great wellbeing base which has not been used to
its potential as there are not many Saudi individuals who have had the prospects to acquire
essential or sophisticated training in public wellbeing related fields. I have been lucky to have
had the chance to work in the zone of public wellbeing in my nation and I would want to obtain
sophisticated training to enhance my comprehension of public wellbeing issues and to aid in
giving training in public wellbeing to youthful Indians who are involved in working in this area.
My long haul objective is to address community wellbeing issues in rustic Saudi Arabia utilizing
coordinated methodologies, for example, the blend of wellbeing projects with ladies' learning
and micro-credit and investment funds programs and multi-sectorial methodologies, for example,
the mix of horticulture, sustenance and sanitation for enhancing the wellbeing status in rustic
groups. What's more, an alternate long haul objective is to form an organization to give public
wellbeing training to the up and coming era of Saudis with an enthusiasm toward the area of
group wellbeing.
My dad, who is regularly credited for the accomplishment of the National Malaria project
in Saudi Arabia, has constantly supported my enthusiasm toward the field of medicinal services
since adolescence. All around secondary school I had the chance to participate in training
meetings with female group wellbeing volunteers and watch them partake in the semiannual
distribution of mosquito nets in different parts of the nation. I was additionally a part of a school

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program that implemented a community school for which the scholars raised monies and were
prepared to educate the youngsters for a month consistently. The two months I completed in the
community as a fifteen aged community educator was an astounding coaching and knowledge
encounter. These early encounters demonstrated to me the amount required to be carried out to
hoist the lives of my citizens to higher benchmarks and more imperatively it taught me that I can
and must make a move concerning this.
Am almost completing my four year college degree in well-being administration at
California State University, Northridge, CA. Throughout my time here in this college I am drawn
towards communal medicine and had the chance to investigate the communities major social
insurance framework by working in different setups, for example, the major clinical centers and
rustic maternity and child welfare homes as a component of my training in the communal
medicine branch. I was additionally privileged to have the capacity to take an interest in the
Acente Malaria drive program at resident clinical centers. In the second year of my schooling I
devoted a month at the King Fahad General Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a dental assistant
intern and had an incredible experience working in that group. All these encounters affirmed my
enthusiasm toward communal medicine and epidemiology and the craving to seek after a
profession in this field. I would want to be a pioneer in the field of the study of disease
transmission. I have progressed in the direction of this objective by co-writing a study of disease
transmission course manual with my previous Professor, publication of articles for both expert
and the public, and finishing a progress coursework in the study of disease transmission, facts,
and science. Some of my targets for master's level studies are to work together with California
State University staff on exploration projects and to publish data in proficient periodicals and
public oriented media sorts. Also, I would want to keep handling classroom assets for the study
of disease transmission faculty and understudies.

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