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COMM205 NOTES FOR FINAL EXAM Chapters 1-16 Chapter 1: Business Communication in the Digital Age LEARNING OBJECTIVE 1: Explain how communication skills fuel career success and why writing is vital in a digital workplace. Communicating in the Digital World Strong Communication Skills • • • • Are critical to effective job placement, advancement, and organizational success Are specifically asked for in job advertisements Include general communication, interpersonal skills, and teamwork skills Are at least as important as technical skills for entry-level and management positions Writing in the Digital Age • • • • • • Writing has been called a “career sifter”, “threshold skill” and “the price of admission”, indicating that effective writing skills can be a stepping stone to great job opportunities Employers expect more formal, thoughtful, informative, and error-free messages. Solid writing skills are necessary in networked digital world. Most employees write their own messages. Employees must be familiar with new communication channels, including the Web and e-mail, instant messages, blogs, and social media networks. Writing matters more than ever because the online media require more of it, not less The Digital Revolution and You: Tools for Success in the 21st Century Workplace • • • • • • Use email, electronic slide presentations, wikis, podcasts, or Facebook and other social media in a professional setting Think critically in t ...
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