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Chapter 25 key 1

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For you patts Smart Book The kingdom _____ is composed of land plants Plantae The bodies of land plants are made of several types of ______ which are close associations of cells of the same type. Tissues In plants, cell division is concentrated in regions called apical meristems. In land plants, tissues are produced by cell division in regions called apical Meristems Regarding the alternation of generations, match each multicellular body to its role. • Gametophyte, produces eggs and/or sperm • Sporophyte, produces spores by meiosis Choose all that belong in the kingdom Plantae. • Lycophytes • Mosses A tissue is defined as an association of similar types of cells. The two types of multicellular bodies involved in the alternation of generations are the ______ (haploid generation) and _____ (diploid generation) Gametophyte, sporophyte Localized regions of cell division occurring at the growing tips of plants are called apical ______ meristem Land plants disperse offspring through dry air via tough-walled structures called ______. Spores Apical meristems give rise to plant tissues. True or False: Angiosperms are also called flowering plants. True During alternation of generations, the haploid _____ generation produces eggs and/or sperm, while the diploid ______ generation produces spores by meiosis. Gametophyte, sporophyte Mosses, liverworts, and hornworts are members of what informal grouping of nonvascular plants? Bryophytes Match each multicellular body with its des ...
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