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19 22 quiz key 1

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Chapter 19 Quiz Two populations of catfish have lived in separate neighboring lakes for many generations. Population A contains about 30% short whiskered catfish (ww) and 70% long whiskered catfish (WW or Ww); Population B contains about 10% short whiskered catfish and 90% long whiskered catfish. Following a year of record rainfall, both lakes rise enough to allow the catfish populations to swim between the two lakes and interbreed. What will be the effect(s) over time of this interbreeding? (Check all that apply.) • • • Population A will see an increase in long whiskered fish and Population B will see an increase in short whiskered fish Differences in the frequencies of W and w between the two populations will decrease Population A and Population B will experience an increase in genetic diversity Cacti in the deserts of southwestern North America and some euphorbs of the deserts of Africa have barrel-shaped stems, short-lived leaves, and spines, yet these two types of plants are from different evolutionary lineages. This is an example of __________. convergent evolution The term evolution is used to describe __________. heritable changes in characteristics of a population from one generation to the next The process of natural selection results in __________. (Check all that apply.) o Extinction o Adaptation o Speciation Genotype Qq produces 10 offspring per year. Genotype QQ has a fitness value of 0.4 and genotype qq has a fitness value of 0.2. How many offspring doe ...
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