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Lab Report 25: The Magnetic Field in a Coil Angel Lopez Purpose: When a wire has an electric current flowing through it, it produces a magnetic field which is dependent on the shape of the wire and the direction and magnitude of the current flowing through the wire. In this experiment we will measure the field at center of coil, determine the relationships between magnetic field vs. turns in coil and magnetic field vs. current in coil. And also see how the Earth’s field and other local fields affect the field of the coil. Procedures and Method: Make sure to have the set in the correct position with power supply set to 3 A. Turn off the power supply to zero the sensor with no current flowing, to prevent the effect of Earth’s magnetic field. For Part I: Turn on power supply and enter 3.0 for the current and decrease the current by 0.5 until you get to 0. Stop data collection. For Part II: Change the event to Turns and set the experiment back up. Turn on power supply and verify that it’s at 3 A. When prompted enter 10 as the number of coils and decrease the number of coils every time by 1 until you get to zero. Stop data collection. Activities: Figure 1 Data: Part I (I used ...
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