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Ioc fire incident

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A brief report on HUGE FIRE AT IOC OIL DEPOT, JAIPUR, INDIA ON 29 OCT.-2009 - Aasif Vindhani, QP Refinery, Qatar How it start? The fire broke out when petrol was being transferred from the depot to a pipeline and soon got out of control. A leak in the pipeline is suspected to have caused the blaze. Initial Timeline: 29 October-2009, Thursday (IST) 6.45 PM : A leakage was detected in IOC depot in Jaipur. For next 40 minutes engineers tried to repair it. 7:30 PM : The first container exploded, causing effect of equivalent to a mild quake measuring 2.3 on the Richter scale.  8:00 PM : The fire became uncontrollable Immediately all 12 tanks catch fire! These were floating roof tanks...the fire started from some leakage in pipeline..the initial blast might have damaged the vapour seals of the tank thereby starting leakage at rim of tank and then the fire.. A larger tragedy was averted as the LPG cylinders remained safe. Rescue Operations! Within minutes, two dozen fire extinguishers were rushed to the spot. 5 KM periphery area declared as “Dangerous zone.”  The surrounding area has been evacuated and power cut off. 500,000 people shifted to safe location. Many, among those who were evacuated, were the patients, doctors and staff of a government hospital and engineering and medical students of 10 colleges. The injured have been rushed to three major hospitals of Jaipur including the SMS hospital.  All the factories and institution ...
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