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The impact of government policy on economic growth

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Bridgewater State University Virtual Commons - Bridgewater State University Management Faculty Publications Management Department 2013 The Impact of Government Policy on Economic Growth Jon L. Bryan Bridgewater State University, Virtual Commons Citation Bryan, Jon L. (2013). The Impact of Government Policy on Economic Growth. In Management Faculty Publications. Paper 23. Available at: This item is available as part of Virtual Commons, the open-access institutional repository of Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The Impact Of Government Policy On Economic Growth J. L. Bryan Ricciardi College of Business, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA e-mail: j Abstract Government pol icy has always had a significant influence on economic growth and new business formation. During the past two decades, policy uncertainty has grown in the United States as the polarization of the electorate has intensified. The stark political differences are increasingly on display by elected officials in Washington. The recent political brinksmanship surrounding the so-called "Fiscal Cliff' is one example of the costly policy uncertainty facing U.S. businesses that is now endemic in Washington. While much of the focus of the Fiscal Cliff debate was on the constituents who would lose benefits or see their taxes increase, there was less attention to the debilitating impact o ...
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