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Alzheimer's THALIA, SHARLINE, SAMORAH, JENNIFER, AIDELIN Assessment Physical Exam ▪Diet & nutrition ▪Medications Neurological exam ▪Blood pressure, temperature, and pulse ▪Reflexes ▪Listen to heart or lungs ▪Coordination, muscle tone and strength ▪Collect blood or urine specimen ▪Speech ▪Is aware of symptoms ▪Sensation ▪Knows date, time, and where they are Mental cognitive status ▪Can remember short list of words Diagnostic Studies When diagnosing a patient with Alzheimer’s before conducting and diagnostic studies it’s important to get a full medical history. ▪Find out about any recent/prior medical problems ▪Issues with the ability to carry out daily activities ▪Possible changes in behavior and personality. ▪Conduct memory tests ▪Problem-solving ▪Attention ▪Counting & language ▪Blood & urine tests to rule out any other problems ▪CT, MRI, PET Scans Nursing Diagnosis •Disturbed thought processes •Chronic Confusion •Impaired verbal communication •Risk for injury •Wandering •Self care deficit Nursing Actions/Interventions Stay calm and use reassuring tones with patient. Promote patient safety by removing potentially dangerous items from around patient. Maintain adequate lighting and clear pathways. Assess patient’s anxiety and monitor it closely. Increased anxiety can cause the patient to become agitated. Teach relaxation techniques to decrease anxiety. Maintain patient in a low stimuli environmen ...
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