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Ashok leyland

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ASHOK LEYLAND OBJECTIVE • Understand the Organization Structure Environment and the other factors affecting Ashok Leyland • 2014 Organizational Restructuring of Ashok Leyland HISTORY Phase-1 1955-1986 Phase-2 1987-2005 Phase-3 2006-2013 Phase-4 2014-Present (Source: Annual presentation by AL, June 2014) MARKET SHARE 39% increase in sales turnover at 18,822 crores as compared to 13,562 crores in the year 2014-15 CULTURE VISION: Achieving leadership in the medium/heavy duty segments of the domestic Commercial vehicle market and a significant presence in the world market through transport solutions that best anticipate customer needs, with the highest value-to-cost ratio. MISSION: - Identifying with the customer - Being the Lowest cost manufacturer - Global benchmarking our products, manufacturers and people (Ashok Leyland Employees’ Journal November 2006) VALUES ❑ “Work is Workship ❑ improving stakeholder relationships Fewer Contract Employees • Work-force development Work place Improvement • GEMBA Initiative ❑ act local, think global Perks ❑ working towards the goal fearlessly • Nutritious Lunch, Snacks, Bonuses, Reward Points (The Hinduja Group values) JOINT VENTURES 2007- NISSAN - To venture into 2.5 Tonnes to 7.5 Tonnes segment 2007- ALTEAMS GROUP - Die Casting and Aluminium Components maker 2008- JOHN DEERE - Construction Equipmet ( DI ...
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