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Project Two CJ 120 Cultural Awareness MADYSAN WHITE Policing is affected by a lack of cultural competence: Over Policing Militarization of police   Law enforcement believe that African Americans and Hispanic neighborhoods have a higher crime rate than others. This is a result of stereotyping and implicit bias and tends to have law enforcement over police in these areas.  With militarization of the police, local authorities take on the looks and behavior of Soldiers at war. Mental illness  According to a National survey in 2016 a majority of Americans feel the use of military equipment is going too far. (Mosteller, 2020)  An example of implicit bias would be having and African  American walking in a wealth neighborhood.  Example of over policing would be “Stop – and – Frisk” of the New York Police Department, in 1999 African Americans and Hispanics counted for 50% of New York's population but, statistics prove that 84% the Field Decisions city’s stops were African Americans and Hispanics.  New officers are taught hesitation can be fatal. We need (Thompson, 2013) to teach our officers diversity to enable better relationships with the community.  Other issues of diversity  In 2019, officers killed over 1000 people , 24% of the victims were black, even though African Americans only make up 13% of the US population. (Mcelrath & Tuberville, 2020) Officers must take account of the whole picture when making decisions, not just ...
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