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Article analysis teamwork

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ARTICLE ANALYSIS TITLE : Teamwork, communication, and anaesthetic assistance in Scotland. J. S. Rutherford, R. Flin and L. Mitchell PRESENTED BY: · LESLEY LIENGU LUMA · MIRIAM LIVEKA NDIVE · KELLY-NOEL KOUMETIO MBUSSU • INTRODUCTION • Teamwork is generally described as the willingness of a group of people to work together to achieve a common aim or goal. Teams are always made up of people of diverse cultures and ethics. In this paper, we will be analyzing the article ‘Teamwork, communication, and anaesthetic assistance in Scotland’. This study is aimed at describing an interview study into the team work of anaesthetic assistants operating in the theatre in the UK. They were assisted by both anaesthetic nurses and operating department practitioners who in this article are both described as anaesthetic assistants. • The central concept in this article is effective team work, investigating the non-technical skills (cognitive, social and personal skills) which complement technical skills and involved in the effective teamwork of the anaesthetic assistants in the operating theatre. It is also structured around the elements of teamwork which in addition to doing one’s own tasks includes supporting each other, solving conflicts, exchanging information and coordinating activities. • The author in this article talks about team work and communication which involves supporting others, trust and respect for each other, clear and concise communication, solving confli ...
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