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Personal and shared knowledge

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Personal and Shared Knowledge What is Personal Knowledge? • experiential knowledge • second-hand knowledge: - academic knowledge - informal knowledge Looking at social networking sites, do you rather see the uniqueness of each individual’s worldview or similarities between them? What is Shared Knowledge? • shared knowledge – the stock of Academic knowledge, informal knowledge and practical know-how which can be communicated verbally or non-verbally to other people • communities of knowledge – friends, subject specialists, cultures What do you think everyone does know? What do you think everyone should know? To what extent do you think it is possible to know another culture if you were not raised in it? Some Obstacles to Personal Knowledge • ignorance • apathy • fantasy – wishful thinking • bias – ‘God’s eye’ view of reality is impossible • peer pressure Some Dangers with Shared Knowledge • authority worship • groupthink • power distortions • fragmentation – the result of specialisation The Internet • lack of quality control • superficiality – the phenomenon of multi-tasking • filter bubbles – situations in which we surround ourselves with information that confirms our pre-existing prejudices Expert Opinion • the fallibility of experts – predicting the future, range of competence • trusting experts: - credentials - evidence - corroboration - track record - neutrality The News Media • sensationalism bia ...
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