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Ppt on flexible overlay

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flexible overlay over flexible pavement Submitted toDr PK agarwal (prof. civil deptt.) Presented byBhupendra sahu 202111518 Transportation engg. Contents1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Overlay and its types Steps involved in design of overlaying Effective thickness method Deflection method Flexible overlay over flexible pavement conclusion references OverlaysAn overlay is any operation that consists of laying a new layer (PCC/HMA) over an existing pavement Source:-alyaf industries Types of overlays• • • • flexible overlay over flexible pavements flexible overlay over CC pavements CC overlays over flexible pavements CC overlays over CC pavements Steps in Design of Overlays :• Determination of strength of the existing pavement • Design life of overlaid pavement • Estimation of the traffic • Determination of the thickness and the type of overlay 1). Effective thickness method- Where, ho= thickness of overlay hn = thickness of new pavement he = effective thickness of existing pavement All thicknesses of new and existing materials must be converted into an equivalent thickness of AC he=sum of (hi*Ci*) hi = thickness of layer i Ci = conversion factor for layer i Asphalt Institute Conversion Factors :Sub grade 0.0 Granular sub-base, reasonably well graded, hard aggregates with some plastic fines and CBR not less than 20%. Use upper part of range if PI is less than 6; lower part of range if PI is more than 6 0.1 – 0.2 Asphalt concrete surfaces and base ...
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