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INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY PSY 100 - STUDY MATERIAL & NOTES, APRIL 2020 1. Know the six approaches to Psychology and the focus of each a. Psychoanalytic (Freud) – unconscious mind that effects our behavior, childhood & sex on personality development b. Behavorial (Watson, Skinner) – concentrates on what the subject does rather than feels c. Gestalt (Kohler, Wertheimer) – whole experience is the sum of the parts, need all of consciousness to understand d. Humanistic (Maslow, Rogers) – all humans are motivated to reach full potential e. Cognitive – study cognition instead of behavior f. Biological/Medical/Physiological – interdisciplinary work 2. Understand the basic scientific approach as outlined in class, and the important differences between a true experiment and the correlational approach. ​Modify Support True Experiment 1) Randomly Divide Subjects Correlational Method 1) Measure Two Variables 2) Manipulate the Independent Variable 3) Measure the Dependent Variable 2) Calculate the Relationship Example: Mean Coffee gp = 75 bpm Mean no Coffee gp = 65 bpm Example: Pearson’s correlation = +.90 May infer that coffee CAUSED an increase in Support for hypothesis but cannot infer Causality Heart Rate 3. William James, Whilhelm Wundt, Charles Darwin, Sir Francis Galton, James Watson, Titchener a. William James – functionalism focusing on consciousness not the structure (disagreed with structuralism), Stream of Consciousness where you may focus on something and ...
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