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2 sch 201 thermochemistry and hess law 2018 2019

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19/09/2018 KENYATTA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY BSc Ed., BSc. and BSc. Analytical & Industrial Management SCH 201 CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS LEVEL : II SEMESTER: I ACADEMIC YEAR: 2018/2019 Series -1 (Thermochemistry and Hess’ Law) Prof. Charles Onindo, Mr. Mugambi Gitari and Dr. Eric Masika Lecture Time: Wednesday: Venue 1 Course Objective & Content Course objective: To provide a basic introduction to chemical thermodynamics for science and education students. Course Content: Chemical thermodynamic systems, states, state function and equilibrium state. First law of thermodynamics, constant volume, constant pressure and the reversible process. Isothermal and adiabatic expansion of an ideal gas. Thermochemistry: Heat changes involved in chemical reactions and Hess’s law. Heat capacities and enthalpy dependence on temperature. Second law of thermodynamics: entropy and disorder. Temperature dependence on entropy and the third law of thermodynamics. Free energy (G), pressure dependence of G on ideal gases, relationship between G and the equilibrium constant. 2 1 19/09/2018 Enthalpy at Constant Volume/ Pressure Using the symbol q to represent transferred heat and work w = PΔV; the total internal energy change of the system can be represented as: ΔE = q - w = q – PΔV Rewrite: q = ΔE + PΔV Constant volume: Reactions carried out in a closed container are at a constant volume. Therefore; ΔV = 0, then qv = ΔE (at constant volum ...
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