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Time is precious, but we do not know yet how precious it really is. We will only know when we are no longer able to take advantage of it… STA 2100 PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS I PURPOSE Byt the end of the course the student should be proficient in representing data graphically and handling summary statistics, simple correlation and best fitting line, and handling probability and probability distributions including expectation and variance of a discrete random variable. DESCRIPTION Classical and axiomatic approaches to probability. Compound and conditional probability, including Bayes' theorem. Concept of discrete random variable: expectation and variance. Data: sources, collection, classification and processing. Frequency distributions and graphical representation of data, including bar diagrams, histograms and stem-and-leaf diagrams. Measures of central tendency and dispersion. Skewness and kurtosis. Correlation. Fitting data to a best straight line. Pre-Requisites: STA 2104 Calculus for statistics I, SMA 2104 Mathematics for Science. COURSE TEXT BOOKS 1. Uppal, S. M., Odhiambo, R. O. & Humphreys, H. M. Introduction to Probability and Statistics. JKUAT Press, 2005. ISBN 9966-923-95-0 2. J Crawshaw & J Chambers A concise course in A-Level statistics, with worked examples, 3rd ed. Stanley Thornes, 1994 ISBN 0-534- 42362-0. COURSE JOURNALS  Journal of Applied Statistics (J. Appl. Stat.) [0266-4763; 1360-0532]  Statistics (Statistics) [0233-1888] FURTHER REFERENCE TEXT B ...
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