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Mba mai machine learning deep learning

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Examine how Deep Learning will work in your organization. Use the function you selected in the modules 1-4 and the case assignment, then discuss if your organization will benefit from deep learning. According to Schmidt (2018), Novartis scientists pioneered advances in a specific type of machine learning called deep learning, which mimics how the eyes and brain process visual images. Taking a cue from nature, the Novartis team simulated how the eyes work naturally, and taught a computerized neuronal network how to recognize the subtle changes that experimental compounds induce in a cell. The team initially used a supervised approach to deep learning, meaning they had to teach the system how to recognize particular effects from treatment – such as changes in a cell’s shape or in the activity of its proteins – before the system could recognize those effects on its own. They trained the network by showing it images of cells that were treated with compounds known to work in a particular way, so that it would learn the visual patterns associated with the different drug mechanisms. Then they tested it using pictures of cells treated with over 100 mystery compounds (Schmidt, 2018). ...
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