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Plant biology leaves lab sheet

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EXERCISE: LEAVES A. External Morphology Simple Eudicot Leaf Plant Name: Rosids Monocot Leaf Plant Name: Orchids (Orchidaceae) Gymnosperm Leaf Plant Name: Pine (Pinus) B. Compound Leaves Baobab (Adansonia) Dessert Cotton (Gossypium thurberi) Rose (Rosa) C. Phyllotaxy Alternate Species: Berberis thunbergii Spiral Species: Helianthus Opposite Species: Psidium guajava Dessucate Species: Asclepias D. Leaf Venation Pattern Pinnately netted Species: Betula papyrifera Radiately netted Species: Colocasia esculenta Palmately netted Species: Acer Parallel venation Species: Musa paradisiaca E. Leaf Modification Succulent leaves Species: Echeveria Elegans Sclerophyllous foilage Species: Agave americana Spines Species: Euphorbia fianarantsoae Tendrils Species: Pisum sativum Motile leaves Species: Mimosa pudica Colored leaves Species: Anthurium andraeanum Adventitous buds Species: Dracaena trifasciata Insect-trapping leaves Species: Drosera capensis Float leaves Species: Nymphaeaceae Pseudotrunk Species: Muna acuminata Winged petiole/extended leaf-life petiole Species: Citrus maxima F. Internal Leaf Anatomy Leaf Epidermis Plant Name: Tradescantia Internal Structure of the Blade Plant Name: S. Dulcis Cross Section Midrib Plant Name: Syringa Type of Stele: Siphnostele – Eustele Questions: 1. How would you distinguish a simple leaf from a leaflet? There are two types of leaves: simple and compound. A simple leaf has a single blade while a compound l ...
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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.