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Nicomachean ethics 2 3 4

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Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle) 2 & 3 & 4 TOPICS Defining eudemonia The psyche Doctrine of the mean Acquiring dispositions Syllogism Virtue and character Conflict in the psyche DEFINING EUDAEMONIA Eudaemonia is an activity or actualisation of the soul or pushed in accordance with virtue Striving towards eudaemonia is 'the function of a good man to be the good and noble performance of these, and if any action is well performed when it is performed in accordance with the appropriate virtue' Moral virtues are connected to our eudaemonia 'Human good turns out to be activity of the soul exhibiting virtue' But eudaemonia does not mean moral virtue but excellence, a life cutting sharply had excellence Excellent psychic activity THE PSYCHE Rational part and the two non rational parts; the appetitive part which is susceptible to reason and the vegetative part that we share with animals and plants (PUT A LEVEL NOTES HERE) We have different kinds of excellence connected to various parts of our psyche Intellectual arête is connected to theoretical and practical reasoning Ethical virtues are connected to our appetitive part - the virtues of disposition Psyche contains feelings, faulted and dispositions The excellences are things which we praise or blame We praise or blame other for their dispositions not their feelings or faculties DOCTRINE OF THE MEAN Our feelings should be appropriate to our situations or circumstances It does not have an attune ticks mean for instance it could be ...
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