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Nicomachean ethics 1

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Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle) 1 TOPICS Intro Function argument Nicomeachean ethics come under the same as the 4 causes??? Are they two separate topics or one or the other???? INTRO Aristotle rejects the platonic good Unclear what the Form of the good is Disagrees with Plato, there is no absolute good without relativising qualifiers Everything has a different good, including humans Criticises the platonic notion of good, it is universal therefore has no relativising qualifiers Man is a political animal, in order to strive man needs a structure to his life Ethics is a subdivision or subset of politics Ethics tells us what sort of animal the human is Politics examines the social and political structures There's a threefold division of Aristotle's works: the creative sciences, practical sciences, the theoretical sciences Ethics and politics are practical sciences In order for us to be better, we need ethics It is not an exact science, human nature and its circumstances are too complex For Aristotle ethics should focus on the person performing those actions not the outcome Ethics for him is about character It is not concerned with what is right or wrong 'Every art and every inquiry, ...
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