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Plato s republic p 2

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Plato part 2 (Lecture 8) T OPICS Justice in the state Justice in the soul Tripartite structure of the psyche: principle of opposition, reason and the appetites, thumos JUSTICE IN THE STATE (REFLECT BACK ON PART 1) Socrates tries cont structure a state in a basic needs model However Glaucoma and Adeimantus are not happy with this They respond that it is a city 'fit for pigs' Therefore Socrates constructs a second society, which also satisfied unnecessary desires such as desire for power This is a bloated, impure society which motivates greed, therefore inevitably leading to war He discussed the core of the education system All physical pursuits which concern gymnastics should be undertaken naked It is interned to develop the thumos which is the spirited element Anything that is inspired by the artistic amuses like literature, sculpture, music The cores of the deviation system was intended to develop the philosophic element It is important to note the Socrates said that eduction was not for the producer class There are three main classes which is mentioned in Book 3 Rulers which are meant to be philosopher rulers, but are not yet given that title The lives of rulers would consist ...
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