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Plato s republic p 1

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Plato's Republic Part 1 (Lecture 7) I NTRO Views on justice Thrasymachus NEED TO MENTION ALL THE PHILOSOPHERS??? ASK SPECEFICALLY ABOUT WHAT PHILOSOPHERS HAVE SAID IS THE REPUBLIC VIEWS OF JUSTICE THE SAME TOPIC AS FORMS, SO IT WOULD BE ONE OR EITHER???? Does Socrates answer the challenge set to him? What is the role of the tripartide? It is necessary to look at forms to understand justice Rational part requires knowledge – not just any knowledge but the world of froms The good leads us back to the moral question --------------------------------The Republic has had major influence and held great importance Raises questions to do with society and morality It is a personal experience for Plato It was a fun period in Athen's history where there was a civil war, and civilians suffered from the plague We cannot assume that Socrates speaks for Plato VIEWS ON JUSTICE The discussion between Socrates and Cephalus examines the relation between morality and money Whether morality can be entirely independent of ones wealth and circumstances Cephalus argues being wealthy helps one become just One can pay off the gods, return item borrowed, it is also easier to tell the truth One's consci ...
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