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CIS 319 Riordan Manufacturing Service Request

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Riordan IT System Upgrade Recommendation Team Names here CIS319 - Computers & Information Processing Table of Contents 1. Background 2. Scope 3. Requirements 4. Existing processes 5. Recommendations 6. Conclusion 7. References Background Riordan Manufacturing Projected Annual Earnings $46 million Fortune 1000 Enterprise 550 Employees Revenues in excess of $1 billion Scope • Prepare business requirements for system upgrade for IT and/or Consultant use • Identify current processes and potential areas of improvement • Resolve departmental conflict by increasing the reliability and increase the capabilities of IT systems Existing Processes • Current operational processes have unique variables for each Riordan location. • The processes are documented but create a labor intensive, manual and inefficient way to process business functions. Existing Processes Shipments Verified Sales order Form Suppliers Receiving Supervisor From Inventory Inventory Manufacturing Team Manufacturing Team Inventory Clerk Receiving Team unloads raw materials Su b as se m Lo bly an d fin al pr od uc ta dd itio ad u Tr ck Warehouse s Order Shipping Documents Inventory updates based on shipping docks Receiving Log Manufacturing R su a w ba m ss a t em er bly ial a us nd ag e Reports provided to Inventory Clerk Inventory moved to Factory Customer Shipping and Billing Customer Sales To assembly Distribution ns Receiving Log to clerk Receiving S ...
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