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01-Avison-45664:01-Avison -45664 7/29/2008 6:45 PM Page 1 1 ❖ Introducing Information Systems Project Management Themes of Chapter 1            What are information systems? What is project management? What characteristics define an effective project manager? What principles are important in project management? What techniques are useful? What skill sets are important? What is the life cycle of an information systems development project? What are the stages in the information systems development life cycle? Why is there a need for good information systems project managers? How is the balance between sociocultural and technical factors achieved? What are the ethical values of a good project manager? T his chapter introduces many of the themes that will be discussed fully later in the book. It looks first at our application domain of information systems projects and then describes what project management is and what the characteristics of an effective 1 01-Avison-45664:01-Avison -45664 7/29/2008 6:45 PM Page 2 2 ❖ INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROJECT MANAGEMENT project manager are. It points out the skill set needed by a project manager for the successful completion of an information systems project. It outlines principles and techniques that are important for a project manager to succeed. The information systems project development life cycle is defined in five stages, and its usefulness for successful project development is described. The various stakeho ...
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