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Psy 230 week 4 assignment Thunderheart Character Evaluation




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Thunderheart-Character Evaluation
Tamara Mcguirk
February 23, 2010

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Thunderheart is a movie with Val Kilmer who plays the part of a FBI agent, Ray Levoi. The
movie is about a murder that happens on a Native American reservation. Ray Leovoi is half
Indian who has problems with anyone reminding him of that. He pushes his Indian heritage away
due to the fact he is embarrassed by his dead drunken father who was full blood Sioux Indian.
Ray Levoi feels his life is based only on his white mother and his FBI position. There was a
murder on the reservation and Ray Levoi was one of the agents sent in to investigate. While on
the reservation, Ray Levoi sees the horrible living conditions of the Indians, comes to terms with
his Indian heritage with the help of an old spiritual man, and discovers the involvement of the
FBI in the murder of the Indian people on the reservation. The FBI wants to take advantage of
Ray Levoi heritage to mend problems with the Indian people. It is let be known that Ray he an
Indian and becomes involved with the reservation sheriff and a wise spiritual leader, who both
try to help show him the truth about his heritage and who he really is.
Ray Levoi shows neuroticism traits because he experiences anger and anxiety when reminded
he is half Indian out of shame for the abuse he and his mother endured and mental problems of
his drunken father who is now dead. He also shows anxiety and anger when the spiritual man
makes him see visions about his ancestors and the torture they suffered from the U.S.
government. Ray Levoi also battles with self consciousness because of the past he is trying to
Ray Levoi shows extraversion traits because he is warm and caring to the people of the
reservation and cares about the hardships they endure. He is assertive in his actions to try to
solve the mystery of the murder. Ray Levoi shows gregariousness by being willing to jump in
and do what he needs to do to come up with evidence to prove the government really committed
the crimes to cover up a pollution dumping on the reservation.

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Ray’s open to experience trait shows he has problems with his fantasies and feelings. He
pushes everything down and tries to avoid the thoughts of his part of life as an Indian, but he is
reminded often by the spiritual leader through visions. Ray is a very quiet and reserved man that
does not show emotions about his heritage when approached by people of the reservation.
Ray Levoi’s trait of agreeableness was strong with trust, compliance and straightforwardness
toward his obligations to the FBI until he discovered the wrong the FBI was doing to the Indian
people. He had a tender-mindedness toward the hardships of the Indians once he realized the
tragedies his ancestors had gone through by the government.
At the first of the movie, Ray showed a strong conscientiousness trait toward his job. He was
very competent, dutiful, self-disciplined, and strived for achievement toward his career. Once he
was placed on the reservation and learned the truth about the horrible things being done and the
poisoning of the water and land of the reservation, Ray turned his conscientiousness trait toward
the Indian people rather then the FBI.
Ray let the traits clusters work in his personality to where he change from the FBI’s way of
operating to thinking and acting like the Indian people that he had tried to forget was a part of his
life. He did this by realizing the right and wrong being done by both parties involved.

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