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Back in 2007, I took an optional class in "Services Marketing" taught by Professor Leonard Berry at Texas A&M, Mays Business School. Before attending the MBA program, we (MBA students) received a copy of "Discovering the Soul of Service: The Nine Drivers of Sustainable Business Success." The book was an eye-opener to services marketing. Dr. Berry studied labor-intensive companies like Enterprise Rent-ACar, baseball team Saint Paul Saints, and The Charles Schwab Corporation and made an astonishing revelation: "The single most important factor in building a lasting service business is not a matter of savvy business practice, but of humane values. In a world where customers regard flawless products as a given, service is the key differentiator between competitors in any field." Now it's 2013. I am in India and the Internet has exploded here giving rise to e-commerce businesses by the dozen. Venture capitalists (VCs) have pumped in millions. We have seen mergers and closures at the same time. was acquired by bought in February. Retail giants like Coca-Cola are dabbling with e-commerce. A recently launched delivers happiness to your home, same-day if you place an order before noon. So what keeps e-commerce companies in India alive? What differentiates a from the rest of the pack? It's not the millions poured in by VCs, nor is it the affinity of Indians to shop online. And it isn't shouting out loud ...
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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.