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Psy 230 week 6 assignment motivation evaluation.




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Motivation Evaluation
Tamara Mcguirk
Psy 230
March 10, 2010

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I chose Michael Jackson as a person to show his motivations behind choices he made in life.
Michael Jackson was the fifth son of Joseph Jackson, who was very strict and regimented. He
showed talent for music and dancing. Joseph formed a singing group of his five sons and pushed
for success. Michael was taught to push for success and not to give up. Michael being obsessed
with perfection was never happy with him self. He was also obsessed with his childhood,
probably because his father robbed him of it by making him practice and perform his whole
childhood. Michael Jackson was so obsessed with perfection and success, is life was cut short by
tragedy (Friedman, 2003).
The psychoanalytic goal is the drive for life and death that people have little control over
(Axia, 2010). The psychoanalytic view of motivation in Michael Jackson’s life was shown by
his goal to survive and try to prevent his destruction unconsciously. Michael tried to survive the
abuse his father bestowed upon him, but was thought not be successful. Michael’s
psychoanalytic view concerning life and death was one of trying to survive but ending up with a
tragic death (Friedman, 2003).
The humanistic goal is the drive for achieve ones maximum potential in life (Axia, 2010).
Michael Jackson tried to reach his maximum potential without failing because of obstacles
placed in his way. Michael was successful in his humanistic motivation by becoming rich and
famous. But he stumbled with his success by trying to be to perfect and ended up destroying
himself with surgeries and drugs (Friedman, 2003). His problems took away from his
psychological growth.
The diversity view of motivation is shown by a commitment to recognize and appreciate the
variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and

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celebrates individual and collective achievement (Axia, 2010). Michael Jackson showed the
diversity motive in his life by his choices of goals and his incentives for success. He had his goal
to become famous and the incentive to succeed that other people made not have. He had a variety
of characteristics and talents that made him unique. Michael’s individuality and characteristics
were shown by his achievement of obtaining fame. Michael focused on the needs of the public
and created a bond between them and him self.
Henry Murray’s theories of needs were used in one way or another in Michael Jackson’s life.
Henry Murray’s concepts of primary and secondary needs were shown in how Michael played
out his life, by putting his fathers needs first and his needs second. Michael strived for
achievement by accomplishing fame and excelled and surpassed others. Michael affiliated him
self by trying to draw near to those that loved and appreciated him. Michael was not aggressive
toward his abusive father, but was aggressive in becoming successful. He never obtained
autonomy because he never broke free of his fathers hold. Michael was never independent or
dominant because he was always controlled by his father. He did succeed in exhibition by
making an impression with the public, and excited, amazed, entertained, and amused others.
Michael did not succeed with harm avoidance because he ended up causing his death with drugs.
Michael showed nurturance by being sympathies to the needs of others. He showed order by
trying to achieve perfection. He liked to enjoy him self as a child would and this was probably
because his father robbed him of his childhood (Friedman, 2003). By showing these needs and
motivations in his life, Michael Jackson’s life was about success, perfection, and pleasing others.

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