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Psy 230 week 7 checkpoint personal constructs




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Personal construct is how each person classies their world and life. It is how we take in
everything around us and how we base our thoughts and feelings on the experiences. People
develop characterisc ways of construing how things are dierent or alike in their lives. People
construct their outlook for life based on their experiences and their reacons to the
experiences. Personal constructs are like being bi-polar, thinking of something one way (good)
and then thinking of it as bad. It is specifying two things as similar to each other and specifying
the third thing as dierent. An example could be saying a pit bull dog and a boxer dog are
aggressive, but the third dog, a collie is a loveable, gentle dog. That is showing how two things
are laying on the same pole and the third thing is laying on the opposite pole.
A personal construct relates to social perspecve by how we ancipate events in our
surrounding world. We may ancipate a threat when we are faced with something bad, such as
losing our job or a family member. The relaon would be how we look at something. It could be
the anxiety we suer when we face something that is not ordinary to us.
The relaonship between personal constructs and behavior is the acon someone takes about a
certain event in their life. When a person is faced with an experience that is sad, our behavior
could be depression, which is a behavior. People will also develop strong determinaon and
beliefs about something in their lives, especially those that can not be changed.

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