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Psy 230 week 8 assignment Erikson.

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Erikson’s Timeline
PSY 230

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Erickson eight stages of life include infancy, early childhood, childhood (play age), childhood
(school age), adolescence and young adulthood, young adulthood, mature adulthood, and old age
(Axia, 2010).
I believe I am in the mature adulthood stage of life. I believe this way because I have the need
to care for other people. I enjoy being a parent and had to suffer the lose of my 28 year-old
daughter, which has made my nurturing personality become greater. I am consumed with my son
and grandchildren. I am trying to care and guide my family in their journey of life, while letting
them experience life on their own. I am concerned with what the future holds for my son and
grandchildren. I have an obsession with my deceased daughters two daughters. I worry so much
about their future and happiness. I want so bad to be able to mold their future and make the
world a wonderful place, with no more sorrow for them. But I know this is not possible.
The central question to being a mature adult is, “How can I fashion a gift?” (Axia, 2010,
p348).The way I understand that question is, what am I able to give to my family. I believe I
have and will continue to do this by giving my full attention and thoughts to them. I base every
day around my family. I plan to keep giving and caring for them always. I suppose I
unconsciously sought to answer this question in my mind, but since I have been asked this
question in this assignment, I am now asking myself consciously what the answer it. I believe I
am now more aware of what I am acting out in my mature adulthood. I act out my intentions by
planning my days that I can babysit my grandchildren or they can spend the night with me. I
arrange dinners so I can invite my son, his wife, and his children over so I can be with them. I
look forward to this as a person would look forward to getting a new car. That is how much I am
consumed with nurturing my family.

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I have a 26 year-old son who would be in the young adulthood stage. He is in the love
relationship with his wife. He relates to her in a deep, personal level. My son is very committed
to his wife and has an intimate relationship. My son is a giving and sharing individual.
The central question in my son’s stage of life would be, “How can I love?” (Axia, 2010, p
348). I believe he has proven he can love by taking a wife and obtaining a long, meaningful
relationship. I believe he has done this unconsciously and has just followed his internal desires
that come with the stage he is in. His stage is surrounded by the love and intimate relationship
with his wife.
With the Erikson’s eight different stages of life, a person is born, and matures throughout life.
With each stage there is a pattern that is followed by most that rules that stage of life. It is
interesting now that I have read this material and looked at my life and others, how true Erikson
is with his information.

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