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Psy 230 week 9 final personal narrative




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Personal Narrative
Tamara McGuirk
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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The purposes and meanings of my life have evolved quite a bit in the last five years. Five
years ago I was suffering from severe depression. I was heavily medicated and hospitalized often
for my illness. My life was not about my family. My life was about my illness. My family
survived without me in their lives because I was usually asleep. I had a husband, daughter, son,
and two granddaughters at that time. Since then I woke up one day after my third granddaughter
was born and said, “What am I doing? I have got to pull myself together.” I began to change
from that day forward. My third granddaughter is 22 months old and I have not been in the
hospital since she was two weeks old. I have cut my medication down and very seldom take a
nap during the day. I started using more mind control and based my life around my family. I
started school one year ago and am trying to succeed in my future. I have suffered the lose of my
daughter Chassidy on December 17
, 2009, from an overdose that has definitely knocked me
back several steps, but I wake up every day and make myself get through it for my family and
I believe one of the theories in the text that may have helped me to evolve through the last
five years of my life is the human motivation. The human motivation theory consists of the
psychoanalytic, humanistic, and diversity views of a human (Axia College, 2010). I believe
three of the views have come into play in my last five years of my life. I believe the
psychoanalytic view was shown in my life by my motivation to survive and not give up (Axia
College, 2010). I work hard to prevent the destruction of my life by my depression. I have had
some setbacks but have continued to try to go on. As of now I believe the psychoanalytic view
has been a success in the last five years of my life. I see in which the humanistic view has been a
part of my life in the last five years. I have tried to pull myself together and achieve the potential
in my life that I should succeed. I have had obstacles placed in my way but have fought and

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continued to fight to move forward (Axia College, 2010). The diversity view is a part of the last
five years of my life because I have made the choice to get better and straighten my life up. I
have set goals to succeed as a parent, grandparent, and student. I have the incentives of my
family to move forward and hopefully the characteristics to make me strong enough to be a
success at achieving my goals (Axia, 2010).
I believe behavioral disposition in the nature of traits shows that someone reacts to outside
stimuli. By doing this people react to religion, culture, family, race, and gender (Axia College,
Religion has played a large role in my personality because I have been raised to put my trust
and faith in the Lord. It is difficult but I continue to push on. I have strong faith and belief that
my daughter went to heaven and I will be with her again someday. I have always been a believer
but my strength has grown in the last five years because I had to have God in my life to get
through all I have endured during this time.
Culture has played a part in the development of my personality because of my interaction and
socializing with people in my life. I have picked up some traits of my personality by learning
them from my family and friends. There are shared patterns of behavior and cognitive constructs
that have molded my personality (Axia College, 2010).
Family has helped develop my personality by developing an environment that I was raised in.
My environment such as the abandonment I suffered by my mother affected my neuroticism. The
death of my daughter also helped to push my personality more toward the negative side of
neuroticism (Axia College, 2010).

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